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Optical SETI Observatory at Boquete, Panama
At 11,400 ft, Volcan Baru is the highest mountain in Panama. The town of Boquete is nestled in
a lovely river valley on the southern side of the mountain.
The Boquete Optical SETI Observatory is located 3 miles from Boquete at 4400 feet on a southern slope of Volcan Baru and about 25 miles southeast of the Costa Rican/Panama border. It was constructed beginning in 2008. The observatory has a newly fabricated 20 inch Newtonian with a piggybacked 14 inch classical Cassegrain for tracking. The Newtonian was commissioned in October 2015. The observatory is in a continuous process of development.

11/22/16 - Added The Astrophysical Journal Letters article on KIC 8462852 to
Observations section.
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12/8/16 - Star list corrections and additions.
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